Opublikowany: 28/07/2022

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Przypadek miesiąca

Zachęcamy do lektury artykułu Generalised infection evoked by Aeromonas hydrophilia in a patient with unclassified arthritis” autorstwa Danuty Choroś i Katarzyny Wyłudy. Praca została opublikowana na łamach czasopisma “Rheumatology Forum”.


Generalised infection evoked by the bacterium of Aeromonas hydrophilia in a 69-year-old patient with unclassified arthritis, hospitalised due to an exacerbation of rheumatic disease at the Rheumatology Ward, in September 2019. From the very beginning of the disease, the patient was chronically treated with steroids, for the next few years with chloroquine and a brief moment with methotrexate (MTX) which had to be discontinued due to the patient’s gastrointestinal intolerance. The bacterium of Aeromonas hydrophilia is commonly known as an etiological factor of fish diseases (e.g. salmonid ulcers or carp erythrodermatitis). Hitherto only Aeromonas hydrophilia, Aeromonas Caviae and Aeromonas Sobria have been the Aeromonas strains known to threaten human health. Aeromonas hydrophilia causes opportunistic infection in individuals with a disturbed immune system. In the literature, one can find described and analysed the cases of skin and soft tissue infections, in tropical and subtropical countries in particular.

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